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The nation's leading newspaper and source of information on antiques and the arts. Presented by Meissner's Auction ServiceTakes place on 7/5/2008At Meissner's Auction Service, Route 20 & 22 , New Lebanon, NYFurniture: 1850s Claw Ft Mahog Carved Empire Sofa; 1830s Crotch Mahog Secretary Desk; (2) 1830s Crotch Mahog Step Back Dresser; 1850s Lg Mahog 1 Door Bookcase; 1830s Mahog Tilt Top Tea Table; 10 Pc Mahog Dining Room Set; 1880s Horner Inlaid Mahog Side by Side w/Curved & Beveled Glass; Claw Ft Mahog High Boy; Pr of Inlaid Mahog Bombay Nightstands; Set of 6 Carved Spindled Back Mahog Chairs; Claw Ft Mahog China Cabinet; Pr of 1840s Carved Crotch Mahog Chairs; Mahog Upholstered Wing Chair w/Flowers; 1820s Mahog Sheraton 1 Drwr Stand; Set of 6 Claw Ft Mahog Chippendale Style Chairs; 1870s Carved Mahog Swan Head Rocker; 1870s Vic Walnut Armoire w/Crest; Vic Walnut Mirrored tagre; Vic Walnut Carved Rd Tea Table; Vic Walnut 4 Drwr Chest; 1840s Walnut Mirrored Curio Shelf; 1880s Vic Walnut...
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